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     Integra and World Renew collaborate in Kenya 

INSK & WRNA collaborate in Kenya


Integral Members Integra (Slovakia) and World Renew (US and Canada) have collaborated on a project in Kenya to establish a clean, safe water source ...

Allan Bussard, CEO of Integra, explains, "The 5 villages in the Kasigau community, an estimated 7000 families, have faced periodic and chronic water shortages for years, affecting livestock and humans. The horn of Africa drought in 2011 aggravated this by driving Somali pastoralists to the area in search of water. This has negatively impacted livelihoods and economic growth in the area, which is centered around livestock. Many current water sources are unclean, and women and girls needed to spend much time carrying water from the nearest water source 7km away."

Integra and World Renew intervened by installing a water tank and scooping a water pan for livestock, which work by harvesting water run-off from nearby Mount Kasigau. In addition, they also dug a supplementary bore hole for use in the dry season. Integra and World Renew ran a series of talks to educate the community in Kasigau on sanitation and water management, and the community was able to recover their economic and social stability due to clean, reliable and adequate water supplies for humans and livestock. There was an increase in attendance at the local schools due to less time needing to be spent fetching water, and improved health outcomes for the community due to the reduction in water-borne diseases.

Integra’s partners, the Kasigau Wildlife Trust and the Kasigau Ranch (community-based livestock management company) were both key in the implementation of the project. They made all the important decisions about the location of the water tank, bore hole and water plan collectively, in a situation that could be prone to conflict. Due to their high engagement, there was no such conflict, and the Kasigau community is experiencing brilliant outcomes from the work done in the villages.

Allan says, "Last week I was in Kenya discussing the long term outcome of this project with our local partner. Since the intervention, the Kasigau area has not experienced any water shortages either for their domestic or agricultural needs."

Image shows Kasigau women celebrating next to the newly refurbished well. © Allan Bussard/Integra

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